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Enzyme preparation
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Unitechem Co., Ltd.

Unitechem Co., Ltd. is Located in Tianjin the northern industrial center of China. We
are a professional manufacturer of chemical products and is composed of two production
centre and one trading center.
Soybean production and service center
We are the serious and reliable producer for soy products. Our main products are soy
protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, textured soy protein, soy lecithin powder/ liquid
and etc.. The yearly output is 20.000 mt, and all the products are made from domestic
natural GMO Free soy bean with IP certification.
EDTA production and service centre
We are specialized in research ,development and production of EDTA series products, and the main products are EDTA,EDTA-
2Na, EDTA-4Na, EDTA-FeNa, EDTA-CuNa2, EDTA-ZnNa2, EDTA-CaNa2, EDTA-MgNa2, EDTA-MnNa2. The productioncapacity
of our EDTA plant is 8000 tons every year , and as one of the leading manufacturers of EDTA products in China , we are sure
you of consistent quality and best possible prices
Special trading and service centre
As one the biggest and famous company in china, we also have lots of best business partner and contracted plants for food
additives and other fine chemical products. The best quality products and service must be fit for your requirement.

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